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I wish to express our sincere thanks at the excellent service and attention to detail,…..and for all your assistance in the planning of this new venture and the final excellent outcome.

Allan Smith, EIG-Ansvar Ltd



Business Profile


International Ecclesiastical Insurance group with offices in all States of Australia.



Design, construct and relocate the existing NSW office to a new location that will enhance the operation of the business and support expansion over the next five years.

CODA Activities

  • Feedback on property selection
  • Work requirements analysis
  • Technology review
  • Interior Design
  • Construction
  • Relocation and start-up

Customer Benefits

  • Enhanced Brand image
  • Improved productivity
  • Seamless relocation and startup
  • Zero disturbance to the operation of the business

On time and within budget

EIG-Ansvar selected CODA to undertake the design and construction activity because of our comprehensive approach, attention to detail and personable style.

The comfort in combining both the design and final construction of the new office with one organisation, CODA, provided the best option for achieving an outcome that was within budget and completed ahead of the agreed time frame.

A comprehensive analysis of EIG-Ansvar Ltd needs highlighted several major opportunities to enhance productivity and individual enjoyment of the new work space.

These were:

  • Improved hard copy file storage and retrieval.
  • Work station configuration to enhance processing.
  • Controlled interaction with customers.
  • Design of a “multi-function” meeting room.

A utilities support area.

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